May 13, 2016


Drake's 'Views' is Finally on Spotify and Tidal


Drake's Views managed to debut at No. 1 on Billboard's Top 200 upon release last week—and see all of its 20 tracks appear on the Hot 100 chart simultaneously—despite not appearing on mother-of-all streaming services Spotify. But Views materialized on the site Friday, May 13, and you can stream it here.

Music Business Worldwide correctly reported last week that the record would materialize on Spotify on May 13, and that it's being serviced to other streaming providers as well, namely Tidal. Also in that MBM report were some glaring statistics about Views: It amassed 250 million streams globally within five days of its release, according to Apple. 

And Views apparently smashed Lemonade. The latter album garnered 115.5 million streams in a full week after it dropped exclusively on Tidal, which made it comparatively less popular, if you can believe it.