May 18, 2016


9 Artists You've Finally Come Around To

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People can surprise you. And the artists we're about to detail for you are the type that have the ability to shape-shift and shock you. One minute you're making fun of them (which is cruel, but I get it), and then the next minute, they're totally gaining your respect. 

Click through to see the musicians you didn't think you'd ever like, but are growing on you.

#1Justin Bieber

Remember when Justin Bieber would get made fun of for his floppy haircut all the time? And then remember when he cut it (please watch this video if you haven't) and then he got made fun of for all the terrible things he did?

Well, after Bieber atoned for all his graffiti and public urination, he put out Purpose, a dance/Christian-influenced album with some big producers (shout-out to Skrillex and Diplo), who helped him get back on track. Not only were the songs devoid of the word "swag," but he was way more honest and open on them, showing us what we've been waiting for all along.

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