April 20, 2016


Taylor Swift Effect Boosts Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle' Sales

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Taylor Swift Effect is real! A few days after Ms. Swift lip synced Jimmy Eat World's 2001 hit "The Middle" in a new spot for the Apple Music campaign, the song has creeped into iTunes Top Songs Chart. The little ditty currently sits at No. 32 on the chart (Taylor's "New Romantics" is practically neighbors at No. 27). Not bad for a song that came out 15 years ago.

Streaming service Pandora also said in a statement that they saw a 325 percent increase in Jimmy Eat World station adds in one day.

Swift, who sang along to "Jumpman" for a previous Apple Music commercial, also boosted sales for Drake and Future, making many fans believe in the power of T.S. A week after Swift's ad aired, "Jumpman" saw a 431 percent increase in sales.

Check out this throwback interview with Jimmy Eat World from the Fuse archives: