April 18, 2016


Taylor Swift Lip Syncs Jimmy Eat World in New Apple Music Ad

Kinda crazy how Taylor Swift went from a long-form Tumblr critique of Apple Music to a partner in 1989 streaming-dom to an advertising staple. Two weeks after the streaming service released a hilarious spot featuring T-Swift falling face-first on a treadmill while rapping Drake and Future's "Jumpman," they've dropped ANOTHER ONE.

This ad's got Taylor jubilantly lip syncing Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle," the 2001 hit she says she listened in middle school. And it lasts for almost a minute, making it 100 percent clear that Jim Adkins was the one missing celebrity guest on the 1989 Tour.

Watch the Taylor Swift/"Jumpman" ad here, then see her Vogue cover and her super-for-the-fans "New Romantics" video. After that you can only sit and wait to see how high Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" sales spike, presuming it gets the same Taylor Effect that boosted "Jumpman" sales by 431 percent in the week following the Apple Music ad.