April 22, 2016


24 Revenge Music Videos For When They Cheat You

dixiechicksVEVO, RihannaVEVO
dixiechicksVEVO, RihannaVEVO

Did someone do you wrong?

Perhaps they didn't cross you as bad as they crossed Rihanna. On Wednesday (April 20), the singer released the video for "Needed Me," in which she shoots a guy for getting on her bad side. But this isn't the first time Rih Rih has killed a man in a video—it's the third (remember "Bitch Better Have My Money" and "Man Down"?). 

There's been a recent rash of revenge by women in music videos lately (think Lorde's "Magnets" and Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind"), and The Atlantic speculates it's because of "shifting gender conversations and—equally important—because music videos are now Internet sharebait rather than broadcast TV programming." But music videos with revenge plots aren't new. Internet or pre-Internet, male and female artists alike have been coming for their enemies for decades.

Click through the arrows for 24 juicy revenge-laden visuals.

(And, of course, we don't condone any of this.)

#1Rihanna's 'Needed Me'

What the bad guy did wrong: We don't know exactly what's going on with the victim, but we're guessing he's a rivaling drug lord who doesn't understand Rihanna's rules.

Victim's fate: Headshot

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