April 26, 2016


Is Birdman's Upcoming 'F-k Em' a Lil Wayne Diss?

Birdman is set to drop a new single today, and the Cash Money Records co-CEO is wasting no time bringing the world up to speed on his accomplishments—or his feelings about his former friend(s).

Last week, the rapper and label founder stormed out of an interview with the Breakfast Club crew on New York's Power 105.1, accusing the radio hosts of disrespecting his name in the approximately two seconds he spent in the studio. He followed up his outburst with a new single, "Hustle," and a new favorite hashtag, #RESPEK. Now his saltiness and his creative output will keep moving with "Fuk Em," his single set to drop today, which seems to be pointed at Lil Wayne.

Some background before we dive into "Fuk Em": Lil Wayne and his mentor, Birdman, have been working together since Weezy signed with Cash Money at the age of nine. Wayne sued Cash Money last year for $51 million, claiming that the label held Tha Carter V hostage, thus delaying the release of the album and breaching their contract. Before that, the rapper released the Sorry 4 the Wait 2, a mixtape that in no uncertain terms spelled out his frustrations with Birdman and Cash Money. Birdman opened up about how the feud affected him last summer. The former friends appeared to have reconciled about year after the suit filing, but that seems to be a wash, as Birdman very specifically calls out those he "made rich" with his latest.

A selection of "Fuk Em"'s lyrics: 

“Who put this shit together, n---a? Me, that’s who / Who took nothing, turned it into something, that started with nothing? Me, that’s who / Who made n---as millionaires and they ain’t had nothing before I met ’em and then I made ’em rich or something, n---a? Me, that’s who." 

He avoids calling Lil Wayne out by name, but...yeah. There's not a whole lot of grey area to wade through, there. Birdman is set to drop a new album, Ms. Gladys, on June 24; "Fuk Em" premieres today on WorldStarHipHop, so watch this space for additional updates.