April 13, 2016


WTF Is Going On With Post Malone & Justin Bieber?

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Update (4/13/16 3 p.m. ET): Post Malone has clarified the incident on Twitter, saying that they'll be dropping a mixtape:

i love Justin y'all tripping lol...he's my big brother and we like to rough house...if we was fighting someone would have done something instead of just sit around while the beibs gets chokeslammed...end of story i love jus more than life  and THE MIXTAPE IS ON THE PRECIPICE OF RELEASE. God bless my fans

Original story (4/13/16 11 a.m. ET): Ok, so you probably know that Justin Bieber and up-and-coming "White Iverson" rapper Post Malone have been touring together since March. Does that mean they're friends? Well, according some photos and videos going around, no.

They seemed fine in a Texas nightclub over the weekend after a sold-out Purpose World Tour show:

Until Justin was seen putting out his cigarette on his friend's arm:

I mean, that shit hurts! And it leaves a nasty burn! Not exactly what friends do...

But let's just give Bieber the benefit of the doubt and say that the whole thing was Justin being Justin. Post Malone was probably cool about the whole thing, right?

Nope! Pictures are now circulating of Malone grabbing Bieber by the throat:

Malone has yet to comment on the photos, but he did Instagram one of his own on Monday, April 11. It's the same scene as the choking pic, but it's just him and Justin chilling this time.

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