March 9, 2016


Tool Fan Helps Take Down Terrorist in Tel Aviv Stabbing Spree


A Palestinian terrorist went on a deadly stabbing spree, killing one and wounding 12, on Tuesday night (March 8) in Tel Aviv, but one brave hard rock fan by the name of Yishay Montgomery reportedly helped stop the attack... with his guitar.

According to the New York Times, the Palestinian attack occurred in a Tel Aviv promenade and claimed the life of American combat veteran Taylor Force. Montgomery was allegedly minding his own business when he heard a woman scream across the street. He ran over and saw a man, later identified as Hamas member Bashar Masalha, stabbing people, and proceeded to attack the terrorist with his instrument, while wearing a Tool shirt. Masalha was eventually fatally shot by police.

Montgomery told Channel 2 TV:

“I was sitting down playing guitar and I heard screaming from across the street. I saw a man run at me with a knife, I ran at him with the guitar and smashed it in his head. He was so stunned and didn’t know what to do with himself and then started running away.”

Because Yishay destroyed his beloved six-string in his heroic action, a account has been created to get him a new one. You can donate here.