March 4, 2016


The 35 Best Lyrics on Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz's 'ColleGrove' Album

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

2 Chainz and Lil Wayne's ColleGrove album has burned through the atmosphere to light up your already–Kendrick Lamarfilled weekend. With blockbuster-budget production from Metro Boomin, Southside, Mike Dean, Ben Billion$, Mannie Fresh, London on da Track, Mike WiLL Made-It and Zaytoven (on the same song!!), it's a vital library of #bars.

So we've rounded up the 35 best ColleGrove lyrics—listed, not ranked, below. Five of the 13 tracks are solo Chainz (a few have been available since January), which explains the scale tipping in Tity Boi's direction. Listen below, purchase on iTunes, and get ready for LOLz and "I'm dead [skull emoji]" tweetables.

1) 2 Chainz on "Bounce":
I’m so high I can sing to a chandelier
My flow a glass of Ace of Spade and yours a can of beer

2) 2 Chainz on "Dedication":
If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be
A lot of dudes in the game, includin me

3) Lil Wayne on "Smell Like Money":
Real gangsta shit, it get dangerous
You talkin money and guns, two languages
I throw n---as from off of the plane I’m in
"Oh my god, it’s raining men," said the weatherman to the anchorman

4) 2 Chainz on "Bounce":
Get pulled over for swervin, like, “Hi, officer”
When he ask me why I was swervin: “I’m high, officer”

5) 2 Chainz on "Bentley Truck":
Money—tall; Tyra—Banks
We—everything y’all—ain’t

6) 2 Chainz on "100 Joints":
No matter what they say, a hundred joints a day
I had em pre-rolled all yesterday
You need your passport for our second date

7) Lil Wayne on "Smell Like Money":
I eat so much shrimp, I smoke so much hemp

Def Jam
Def Jam

8) 2 Chainz on "Smell Like Money":
I’m a victim of being a victim
Codeine, Xanax and liquor
Prescriptions and couple pistols
Got clean molly with the crystals
Middle finger to the judicials

9) 2 Chainz on "Watch Out":
I had a sit-down with Farrakhan
Turn the White House to the Terrordome

10) Lil Wayne on "Bentley Truck":
And all my n---as is A.1.
And y’all lil n---as look like steak (well-done)

11) Lil Wayne on "Bounce":
My ceiling’s absent, my wheels are massive, my friends assassins
All of us bastards, our mothers queens and our women dancers
My rivers rapid, my fins are splashin, my gills are flappin
I bend some matches, then sip some gas and went kissed a dragon

12) 2 Chainz on "Section":
I got them commas on commas
I'm rockin Polo pajamas
I went to jail, I might go to Hell
I used to sell drugs to my momma—fuck!

13) 2 Chainz on "Smell Like Money":
I got every gun except a missile
I paid attention to the minister
My silhouette is sinister

14) 2 Chainz on "Not Invited":
Thousand-dollar shoes on your sofa
My other trap n---a watchin

15) Lil Wayne on "Blue C-Note":
Dreadlock Rasta, hair like pasta
I don’t see what’s your problem, I need an eye doctor
Flyin to them dollars, duckin fly swatters
Shoot him in the head, leave his mind boggled

16) 2 Chainz on "Gotta Lotta":
Tryna smoke what I never smoked before
Dream what I never dreamed before

17) 2 Chainz on "100 Joints":
Put gold on the white coupe
Put gold on the white tooth
Put gold on my wife, too

Larry Marano/Getty Images
Larry Marano/Getty Images

18) Lil Wayne on "Smell Like Money":
My chances are cold-cut thin, but I still took em and n---a, we made it
T roll that killer weed up in the swisher and make it as fat as a pig in a blanket
My BFF is Benjamin Franklin; they cry for help, we get em a hanky

19) 2 Chainz on "Watch Out":
My partners still smoke on parole
They say that I'm crazy
I used to talk to a stove
I tell it to lock, shit, I tell it a lot
Go to the dealership, fishtail off the lot

20) Lil Wayne on "Blue C-Note":
I got a hundred tats, I got a hundred million

21) 2 Chainz on "Blue C-Note":
Got a hundred styles, got a hundred acres

22) 2 Chainz on "Smell Like Money":
Parallel park in front of Neiman Marcus
He ain’t never fly, n---a, like an ostrich

Check out this episode of Fuse's Back of the Class podcast; Esteban, Juan and Zach talk about their ColleGrove hopes and dreams at the 18:40 mark:

23) 2 Chainz on "Bounce":
In four minutes I’ll turn this into forensics in a foreign car with a foreign broad

24) 2 Chainz on "Not Invited":
Give A Fuck is my last name; I Don't is my first

25) 2 Chainz on "Bentley Truck":
Couldn’t believe in Santa Claus ‘cause I ain’t have no chimney

26) Lil Wayne on "Smell Like Money":
When you this rich they call it "wealthy"
Shit, they gotta call it somethin

27) 2 Chainz on "Dedication":
That was way before Tyga, I saw Nicki with Gucci
You said, “You can make a million rappin bout some pussy"; I did

28) Lil Wayne on "Smell Like Money":
Cold-hearted, starting to feel like I’m in Anchorage when I think of this

29) 2 Chainz on "Bounce":
I been a playa since elementary
I got more bars than a penitentiary

30) Lil Wayne on "Bounce":
My weed sticky like acupuncture and Magnus Honey

31) 2 Chainz on "100 Joints":
Flexin Macho Man, Randy Savage
Oooh-ooh, I'm bout to let these n---as have it

32) 2 Chainz on "Smell Like Money":
Polo T and ice watch, moccasins without socks
And I smell like money; I can count a hundred thousand with the lights off

33) Lil Wayne on "Bounce":
I’m so high the blunt feel like a dumbbell