March 31, 2016


Watch an Adorable Kid Interview Tool's Maynard James Keenan

You're probably familiar with the 'Kids Interview Bands' YouTube series by now, right? Adorable school-age children interview some of the most exciting names in music across genres. Halsey has done it; now it only makes sense that the dude from Tool gets a turn.

That's right, singer Maynard James Keenan and Puscifer's Carina Round got to sit down with too-cute Piper for a brief chat. 

It begins with Piper asking the duo, "What's a good April Fool's Day joke that I can play on my older sisters?" Keenan responds, "Move. Just kind of move to a whole new house. Move everybody out and leave them behind." 

It's a weird-yet-adorable back-and-forth. When Piper asks what gift they would give an alien to show them what life on Earth is like, Keenan responds with, "A box of Golden Grahams and a container of rice milk." 

The guy gets points for originality. Watch it above, then watch this Fuse interview with Keenan from 2012, where he talks about wanting to collaborate with Obama.