February 18, 2016


The Top 9 All-Time Craziest Moments at the BRIT Awards

#1Jarvis Cocker Flashes His Bum at Michael Jackson (1996)

It's not just the Queen's subjects who play the BRITs: the King of Pop was there in 1996. Belting out "Earth Song" while surrounded by gospel singers and children, Michael Jackson gave a vaguely Christ-like performance that was taken as overwrought and self-important by some. One of those people, the lead singer of Pulp, decided to take the wind out of Jackson's sails by making some of his own. While Michael sang about planet earth, Jarvis Cocker whipped out his moon and feigned farting in Jackson's direction (about 5:20 into the video above). 

That's British cheek for ya, guv'na.

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