November 30, 2015


Lil Wayne's 'No Ceilings 2' Mixtape: The 20 Best Lyrics

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Lil Wayne’s Thanksgiving was a beats feast, with No Ceilings 2 featuring him rapping on 24 tracks by artists like DrakeFutureEminem, Drake and Future, the Weeknd2 Chainz and Fetty Wap. The sequel to Weezy’s 2009 hallmark tape No Ceilings doesn’t quite contend with the original—or July’s very impressive Free Weezy Album—but it’s got bars. Here are the 20 best (listed, not ranked). Stream and/or download No Ceilings 2 while you read.

1. From “Destroyed”:
I’m from New Orleans, the part that’s destroyed

2. From “Hotline Bling”:
I used to call you from the jail phone 
And you would press one and receive my love

3. From “Get Ya Gat”:
Who wanna fuck with us, who signin up? 
Cause I know my clique tough as tusks that’s on a hippopotamus

4. From “My Name Is”:
My long days give me short patience 
My heart vacant, awards taken 
What in tarnation, no information 
No statements, Young Mula, old mula, mula all ages 
Ha-hallelujah I'm the Hollygrove 2Pac 
Roc-A-Fella new rock, hundred K in a shoebox 
AK and a new Glock, go wa-bab-a-loo-bop 
Pray the best you got, I save you like a coupon 
Hustle till my dreadlock is grey as some Poupon
Every day is my birthday, I’m a newborn

5. From “Duck”:
I just got Bluetooth on my stove

6. From “MillyRokk”:
I'm a dog, I'm a dog, Rottweilin on these Shih Tzus

7. From “Live from the Gutter”:
Watch me turn this world into a handprint 
The money made me hungry like I'm fastin 
I see the stars linin up, I feel like NASA 
I seen my homies give up on me like I'm average 
I went back and counted up and no more stuntin like my daddy, agh

Scott Legato/Getty Images
Scott Legato/Getty Images

8. From “Jumpman”:
Don’t be playing with me 
Don’t be playing with we 
I don’t play with no Wii 
I’m OK, I’m OG, I’m OG-ing on these beats, I OD on these beats 
I’m M-O-B-B-B-B on these streets 
Say what you say, you don’t be on these streets 'cuz if we see you it’s on S-I-G-H-T

9. From “Live from the Gutter”:
I went from Kool-Aid and PBJ 
Now it's champagne and caviar steak

10. From “Too Young”:
Started up from nothin, just some crumbs 
And now I got a bakery—yum yum

11. From “My Name Is”:
My teeth look like a flashlight

12. From “Back to Back”:
Shout out to all my bitches one-nightin n—as
Make sure you hit him with the SlutWalk
Then text that man to fuck off

13. From “Where Ya At”:
Feel like Heaven's only lackin' your attendance

14. From “No Reason”:
Fuck Tom, Dick, and Harry and Bill
Sonya and Sarah and Jill
I carry the steel in anyone area still 
Cause shit could get scary for real, I'm aware and I'm skilled 
I had to bury some mills somewhere in a field 
Please don't ask me where, my lips sealed

15. From “Poppin”:
And we ain't got no traitors in our posse
And really I'm just wavy and I'm saucin 
And really I'm amazing and I'm awesome 
My whole squad lit, n—a, arson

16. From “Back to Back”:
You home all day, you stuck in your MacBook
I'm gone all day, I'm chasin that checkbook

17. From “Too Young”:
I’m my momma’s son 
And when I started thuggin I was young 
When I started cussin I was one 
Momma put that soap on my tongue

18. From “Where Ya At”:
I'm way too rich to beef, I just buy a body

19. From “Destroyed”:
Police in disguises I don’t like surprises 
I don’t like tomatoes, I don’t like tamales 
Shoutout to my plug, I pray the rats don’t chew the wires

20. From “Fresh”:
I'm tatted up, I'm tribal, and I'm duckin' trial 
I used to throw my money away, now I recycle