September 23, 2015


Listen to Lorde and Disclosure's "Magnets" Collaboration Now

Update (9/23): The Disclosure/Lorde collaboration known as "Magnets" premiered Wednesday on Beats 1; it was, as you could've guessed, worth the wait. Lorde is still Lorde, but she's weaving a tune in such a different atmosphere that we're now completely re-freaking out about what her sophomore album might be. Especially if she's coming with barbs like "pretty girls don't know the things they don't know." 

And Disclosure, of course, are doing their thing immaculately. Their Caracal album will drop on Friday, September 25, with appearances from MiguelSam Smith and the Weeknd. And Lorde, obvs. Preview the whole thing here.

Original story (9/14): Talk of a Disclosure and Lorde collaboration has gone on for what feels like an eternity and today we've finally found something of substance. A snippet of a new song, "Magnets," has been making the rounds on the internet. It might only be 30 seconds long, but it sounds promising. Check it out here.

It's a lot funkier than the "Royals" singer's goth pop, but we're here for it. 

Disclosure's Guy Lawrence discussed the duo's work with Lorde in an exclusive interview with Spin in August:

"I didn’t realize how many fans we share. I’m really excited for her fan base to hear it as well as ours because it’s a really big collab, not just like in terms of her singing on a Disclosure tune but the whole thing is a collab, from the drum sounds to the chords. She was involved with every aspect of the song as opposed to just doing the lyrics and melodies and then leaving the rest to us. It was like someone challenging us, someone saying, ‘We can get that extra ten percent.’ The best thing about it is its simplicity. It’s just a load of tribal drums. It’s the shortest song we’ve ever made as Disclosure as well.”

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