July 8, 2015


RZA Teams Up With System of a Down Bassist for Collaborative Album

In the nu-metal world, System of a Down reign supreme. They've maintained relevancy even in years of inactivity, and we can thank their diverse and eclectic approach to songwriting for it. That kind of talent translates across genre and generation, which could speak to why Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA decided to collaborate with a member of the Armenian-American band. On a whole album.

The rapper-actor-producer-director joined forces with SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian for a new outsider-y electronic project under the moniker Achozen.

Even more interesting, Pitchfork reports that both George Clinton and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante are featured on the duo's upcoming album. (Eight tracks are now available in a pricey package from Boombotix.) In an interview with Rolling Stone, RZA spoke about the project:

"In January, I had took a listen to the Achozen album again in my studio—sober—and I was like, 'Man, this shit is fucking...how the fuck... wow. We never gave this to the world.' So I talked to Shavo and he tells me that this is the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian genocide. 'Then we got to do it!' It just hit me like, 'Yo, this is a great place to put the record at and it won't be going through all that other bullshit that we've been trying to avoid.'"

Get a taste of the album above with "Salute / Sacrifice," which actually dates back to 2009 but gives us a great idea what to expect—and why RZA was so stunned to listen back to the treasure he and Shavo built. 

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