July 28, 2015


Lil B Calls Himself "Transphobic," Apologizes For Insensitive Tweets

Roger Kisby/Getty Images
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Lil B is known to be something of a wacky guy, and that personality usually manifests in endearing tweets about goth girls or inspiring Katy Perry to ask him to prom. Last month the Based God went on ESPN, garbed in an eclectic ensemble, to play "Cursed or Not Cursed?" after certain NBA players dissed the rapper. Pretty entertaining watch.

Today Lil B news exists on a more serious plane. The rapper tweeted an insensitive joke to the detriment of the trans community, completely with a so-beyond-played-out "no homo":

Lil B almost immediately responded to the instant backlash, launching a conversation about his own "immaturity." At one point he referred to himself as "transphobic," claiming he has a lot to learn. Peep the tweets below, then revisit our live shots of the Based God from SXSW.