March 24, 2015


Travis Barker Loves Blink-182's New Post-Tom DeLonge Lineup

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The Blink-182 back and forth continues. Quick background: Tom DeLonge quit the band, Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba stepped in to fill his spot, Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker spit some fire on DeLonge, who shifted his focus to his debut solo record.

Now, days after the first Blink-One-Eighty-Skiba show, Barker tells Billboard how stoked he is about the new lineup.

Straight from the tattooed man's mouth:

"In San Diego during our encore, kids were chanting 'Skiba, Skiba.' It was awesome. I'm glad we did them too because this is a lot of people just to walk out in front of for the first time. It went off just like I thought it would. It was definitely a great feeling to see what I was feeling was reassured by the crowd response and by feedback via the Internet and social media."

Is Tom in Blink's future at all? It's unsure. When asked about the band's next step, Barker replied, "We don't know—there are talks of all sorts of things. There's talk of maybe recording an album, there are talks of doing a tour with A Day To Remember, so we'll see what happens."

Meanwhile, Skiba's participation has amped fans up enough to warrant an ironic/hilarious/genuinely concerned garment:

@matttskiba on Instagram
@matttskiba on Instagram