November 24, 2014


'Trending 10' Hosts Dan Brown & Katie Van Buren Relive Favorite Memories

After two years on the air, Fuse's Trending 10 is winding down and will air its final episode on Tuesday, November 24. But before we go, we wanted to get first-hand accounts of some iconic T-10 moments from our hosts themselves. 

Trending 10 hosts Dan Brown and Katie Van Buren each picked their favorite moments that aired on the show and told us all about them! Watch both moments right here, and be sure to tune into the last two Trending 10 episodes today and tomorrow at 5/4c! Find Fuse in your area by using our Channel Finder

Dan Brown:

During my tenure as host of Trending 10, I’ve grown in innumerable ways–as an adult, as an on-air personality, and, of course, in my understanding of pop music. Perhaps the most unexpected capacity in which I have grown, however, has been in my previously all-but nonexistent appreciation of old-school hip hop. 

From waxing poetic about Illmatic’s 20th anniversary to kickin’ it Shaolin style with RZA, T-10 opened my eyes, unironically, to one of the most storied and dynamic genres in music’s multiverse. Some respect is due for the new-school too–chatting with name-twin Danny Brown, and co-hosting with Iggy Azalea were highlights, to be sure–but coming to understand some of the genre’s founding figures framed my experience at Fuse in a historical context.

One moment that stands out above the others is when, technically, I beat RZA at chess. I mean, we never actually moved any pieces, but he DID accept my post-interview challenge to play...only to be told by his management that there wasn’t enough time, they had to leave. Technically speaking, I believe this counts as a forfeit. My resumé will forever boast that I beat the Hip Hop Chess Federation champ at his own game. Let the record state, however, that he could kick my ass at freestyling any day of the week.

Katie Van Buren:

"It's super tough to pick out my favorite moment from my time on Trending 10. So many of them have been the uncaptured ones, behind the scenes with Dan, Bridget and the crew before that little red "LIVE TV!" light switches on. But I have been asked to choose one time that HAS been captured and HAS been posted online for all you lovelies to see. 

"So, my friends, it is the following: My boys Nico and Vinz! A few weeks ago this fantastic Norwegian pair paid us a visit to chat about the release of their new album Black Star Elephant. I have interviewed these guys before and I have to say, they are always enthusiastic and chatty (making for great interviews), but they also have such a brilliant message in their music and ethos that they live by. As I do myself, Nico and Vinz are examples of a duo that truly, to their gut, believe that if you set your mind to something you can do it no matter what. And that's what their music is all about. They believed they could make it and become successful, globally known recording artists and guess what? They are! 

"Black Star Elephant is a wonderful showcase of the fantastic fruits of their labor. I find them to be so inspirational and from just being near them you can really feel their positive 'can-do' energy. The interview was everything you'd want an interview to be–snappy, fun and informative. That said, the highlight was when we started talking about an Instagram video we found online of them dancing. 

"Upon me asking them if they had any trademark dance moves, Nico gets up for a good, ol’-fashioned show and tell. Realizing live on air that, "Ok, I guess we're doing this," Vinz and I get up to partake and–not wanting to hog all the fun for myself–I call the lovely Bridget Kelly to the stage too! (For the record, Dan was away for this episode, otherwise he would be right up on that stage with us doing his signature awkward Dan dance that we all know and love.)

"This mini dance lesson made for a really great memory that I’ll take with me wherever I go. Something that will have its own little spot on my sizzle reel and something that encapsulates what Trending 10 was for me."