July 2, 2014


The-Dream Says "Classism is the New Racism" in Sobering "Black" Video

As one of the co-writers of Justin Bieber's "Baby," The-Dream is very much responsible for the biggest bubblegum pop hit of the 21st century. But don't think the guy's lost his social consciousness in showbiz nonsense—he still remembers how things are for the working class, and knows it's not always easy.

In his Nelson Mandela-inspired music video "Black," The-Dream combines his sober R&B jam with (staged) footage of military men facing off against peaceful protesters.

"You got me feeling real black right now," The-Dream sings in the chorus, while the video shows people carrying "Occupy Wall Street" and "Classism Is the New Racism" banners.

The clip ends with a card that reads, "Black isn't just a color. Black isn't just a race anymore. It's a feeling and a place from which one feels isolated by the world of the governing elite."

Though hopeful in many respects, the "Black" Video ends with the chilling image of a very young boy with the word "Chicago" written on his chest raising an assault rifle to the camera.

Watch it above and stay tuned for more on The-Dream's upcoming album Fruition, coming this year.