March 21, 2014


Drake's OVO Fest Gets $300,000 of Canadian Taxpayers' Money

Ollie Millington/WireImage
Ollie Millington/WireImage

Drake's annual OVO Fest just scored a whopping $300,000 from the Canadian government to help fund this year's Toronto music festival headlined by OutKast. Yep, that means Canadian taxpayers are helping to defray the costs of the August 2-3 music festival, which draws about 16,000 people a day. O Canada, glorious and free with its taxpayers' money. #YoungMoneyCanadianMoney

The $300,000 grant comes from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. While some citizens are sure to kvetch, it's safe to say Drake has done more than any other Canadian musician to promote a positive image of his home country. So while giving a mega-rich rapper's fest nearly a third of a million might seem outrageous, disgruntled Canadians should note the grant is helping make Toronto's OVO Fest an international destination instead of a predominantly local affair.

On the flipside, imagine if this happened in America. Had the U.S. government given money to Metallica's Orion Fest—which went belly-up this year because of financial difficulties—our country would pretty much have had a meltdown. 

Then again, Drake is a whole lot more charming than James Hetfield. 

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