February 13, 2014


Wild Beasts Release Sweeping Shoegaze Masterpiece "Sweet Spot"

British dream-pop quartet Wild Beasts have created a transformative masterpiece with "Sweet Spot," the recently released single from their upcoming fourth LP Present Tense.

They somehow reached, yes, the sweet spot that so many musicians aspire toward. The spot where you're so utterly consumed with the kaleidoscopic soundscape swallowing your eardrums that you stop thinking and start associating randomly. Breezes, sprawling out supine in the grass, the distinctive sweet smell of a tobacco pipe.

If this all sounds too waxing poetic, it's because it is. But that can be a good thing. In the case of "Sweet Spot," it's a great thing.

But why does this track play like a drug-free ecstasy trip? We might point to Hayden Thorpe's swelling, nuanced falsetto, Ben Little's woozy but precise guitar work, the constant, eerie thump thump of a guitar string, the brilliant overdubbing and emotive synths.

We might say the track is the equivalent of a Grizzly Bear/Active Child/Slowdive love child. But that's not really an explanation—and it doesn't do the song justice. Just press play, close your eyes and let go of all of your sh-t.