February 16, 2014


Trey Songz' Manly Response Track to Nicki Minaj's “Lookin A** N***a"

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Clear Channel
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Clear Channel

It's pretty undeniable that being a lady in the hip hop game isn't all sunshine and roses and red wine and Bravo. When you're working in a world where b-tch and gold digger are synonyms for "random female," it shouldn't come as a surprise when a track like Nicki Minaj's “Lookin A** N***a" attempts to fight back quite graphically.

But a backlash was seemingly inevitable (girl does start shooting dudes with machine guns at random). And leave it to remix happy Trey Songz to take on the job. Check it out here.

Trey's version of the agro Nicki number is called "Look at Yall." We're guessing "yall" means ladies. Props on leaving the B-word out of the title, Trey. But no worries for fans of everyone's favorite word that rhymes with witch—it's the primary theme of the song itself.

For example:

"Look at ya'll pitiful, typical, living with some b-tch you call you sister you don't even know/

Look at ya'll worn out, whored out, slored out, p-ssy walls tore out, all ya'll b-tches"

Well, that was awfully nice. And to the point.

But while the production's super slick and we do enjoy the R & B infusion, sadly one too many "slored outs" will kill any track.

Look, Trey, why don't you take another stab at this after Gucci Mane starts fabricating tweets about the many ways you got all up in his ice cream cone tat.