February 1, 2014


What Rapper Do The Seattle Seahawks Love Most?

The Seattle Seahawks are prepping for Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend, and there’s one artist that seems to be the overall team favorite.

Lil Boosie!” Seahawks outside tackle Michael Bowie said, echoing multiple other team members. 

“This group is a big rap group,” linebacker Heath Farwell confirmed of the team. “We always play rap in the locker room.”

As part of Fuse Music Week: Super Bowl Blvd, Fuse's Katie Van Buren caught up with the Seahawks at Media Day to find out all about the team's music musts.

“Well, I’m Canadian,” tight end Luke Wilson said. “So I really like Drake. Honestly I am all over the map. I just downloaded a bunch of Bob Seger, so I go a little classical rock too.”

But what song will the team play if they win the big game? "Probably Lil Boosie's 'Bankroll,'" Bowie guessed. "That's been our song all year. There's no point in changing it up now."

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