February 11, 2014


Joey Bada$$ Drops Mellow Ode to Sex "Pantie Raid Pt. II"


Joey Bada$$ may still be waiting on a call from Spike Lee to finally take up acting, but after listening to "Pantie Raid Pt. II"—the titillating new track released as part of his collective's Pro Era Week—we're pretty sure he's ready now.

This song is basically Joey's siren call to an older woman he's trying to bed. Lyrically and musically, it's quite clear that he's succeeding. At least we're thoroughly convinced.

The track is a straight up '90s R&B slow jam, complete with the requisite voice of a random raspy, sultry anonymous lady (whom we are to assume is too sexy to stand).

The background, like any good slow jam, is minimal: A mellow beat only helped by a basic '80s synth keyboard melody on repeat.

Jury is out on panties being dropped or raided, but a nice, mellow nap would be really nice after listening to this.