February 7, 2014


Russian Police Choir Awkwardly Sing "Get Lucky" at Sochi Olympics

While the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony featured some of Russia's most famous musical acts—like fake lesbian duo t.A.T.u.—there was love shown to everyone's favorite French robots, Daft Punk, too. Specifically, the Russian Police Choir performed an amazing/awkward cover of their GRAMMY-winning Pharrell collabo "Get Lucky."

A few dozen officers took the stage to perform a choral take of the track over its original production. Two fabulously energetic policemen took the solos—never missing a single "ooh" or "ah"—and the choir joined in at various points throughout track. Pharrell's silky smooth vocals are replaced with yodel-like belting courtesy of the officers. And Daft Punk's vocoder breakdown? That was "sang" by a policeman with a penchant for showy hand movements.

After watching, we have many, many questions. Like, do these singers know what "Get Lucky" actually means? Who approved this? Does Russia thinks this makes them look cool?

Experience the must-watch performance at NBC.com.