February 16, 2014


Foster the People Take the EDM Out of Calvin Harris' "Under Control"

Dave Hogan
Dave Hogan

Anyone out there still whispering about an inevitable sophomore slump for Foster the People needs to listen to the Los Angeles indie-rockers' brilliant take on DJ Calvin Harris' EDM-spectacle "Under Control."

The suffocating ubiquity of "Pumped Up Kicks" will be all but drowned after this stripped down, anthemic gem hits your ear buds.

How FTP managed to turn a straight up club banger into an aching, ballad reminiscent of Joshua Tree-era U2 is beyond us.

But at least part of the magic formula appears to include drumming with lots of wood block, Mark Foster's crystal tenor, distorted guitars and a hell of a sense of melodic timing.

And now that you're hooked, good news—Foster will be releasing that sophomore album, Supermodel, next month.

Calvin Harris may have earned more than Rihanna last year, but the boys of Foster the People have enough emotional currency to set a veritable ocean of hearts on fire.

Listen below: