February 10, 2014


Bow Down: Big Boi's "Run Th3 World" Ft. B.o.B, Wavves Reigns

The world may be losing its collective sh-t over the imminent OutKast reunion, but before you forget about Big Boi's solo career, listen to new track "Run Th3 World" featuring B.o.B, Wavves and Third World... and bow down.

"Run Th3 World" is a reggae-infused electro hip hop feast for the senses that seemingly takes place at an early '90s arcade. The production, a joint effort between Boi and John Hill, is freaking brilliant. The song changes aural directions numerous times but nevertheless feels completely cohesive. 

Then there's Big Boi's politically charged rapping. Holy hell. Who else in the game could take down the United States pharmaceutical industry with slaying rhyme in (literally) 11 seconds?

The chorus is courtesy of Best Coast's beach brat boyfriend Wavves, and his snotty vocals are a perfect contextual fit (i.e. '90s arcade vibe) for this song. In addition to what sounds like samples from old games, there are also actual kids singing here—they help Wavves out on his last verse, without a hint of cheese. And, like a kid, you will be playing this jam on repeat until your mom (or significant other) swats the crap out of the back of your head. Check it out above.