January 16, 2014


Queen Latifah Retracts OutKast Album Revelation

Jon Furniss/WireImage
Jon Furniss/WireImage

UPDATE: Queen Latifah is denying she said OutKast are recording a new album, despite the fact that she told Howard Stern that OutKast are "about to work on a new album." The audio has been taken down, but we heard it loud and clear. This didn't start with the "rumor mill" she mentions in the tweet below: This started with a direct quote.

Two possibilities: She incorrectly assumed their reunion tour implied a new album and is clarifying her mistake, or she's trying to cover up an accidental info leak. We're hoping it's the latter.

ORIGINAL STORY: Queen Latifah dropped a bombshell toward the end of a 70-minute interview with Howard Stern: OutKast's reunion goes well beyond 40 festival dates in 2014. In fact, Andre 3000 and Big Boi are about to begin working on a new album.

How would the rapper-actress-daytime TV host know anything about OutKast's recording plans, you ask? Well, back in the '90s, Latifah's Flavor Unit company managed OutKast for a spell. And it seems she still has the inside line on the Atlanta duo.

So when Stern—clearly not a hip hop head—asked her what OutKast are up to these days, he scored a bigger scoop than he seemed to understand. "They were doing movies and they're about to work on a new album," Latifah said casually. To which Stern tragically countered, "Did you ever smoke weed with Snoop?"

If this is true—which it very well might be, given her insider status—this is probably a breach in the intended announcement plan rollout. But who cares?! It (probably) means we can look forward to a new OutKast LP in the next year or so, which is the best news we've heard since… well, since learning OutKast reunited.