January 3, 2014


50 Cent Loses Bid to Dismiss Sex Tape Lawsuit

Mike Pont/FilmMagic
Mike Pont/FilmMagic

Note to rappers: If you're going to edit yourself into a sex tape of your rival's ex-girlfriend under the guise of a curly-wigged character named "Pimpin' Curly" and post clips of it on your site, you should probably expect some legal ramifications.

A New York judge revoked 50 Cent's request to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Lastonia Leviston over a sex tape Leviston claimed 50 leaked in 2009. The rapper denied being the responsible party, but maintained that using the images on his Thisis50.com website constituted fair use.

On his website, the rapper, playing the role of a pimp, edited himself in the video to narrate the tape and speculated that Leviston's "RR" chest tattoo stood for 50's (former?) enemy Rick Ross.

As NY Post reports, the rapper claimed Leviston, who has a child with Ross, lied that the publicity surrounding the tape's release caused her depression and anxiety and nearly led her to attempt suicide. The rapper blurred out the man in the video, but chose to leave hers recognizable.

According to court papers, the "sole motive [for releasing the video] was to respond to Ross’s 'disrespecting' him."

Leviston is suing for unspecified damages.