December 9, 2013


Justin Bieber Preps Upcoming Release 'Journals' With 5 New Songs

GV Cruz/WireImage
GV Cruz/WireImage

Justin Bieber fans who thought Music Monday, his weekly release of new music, was over can expect to see much more material from the Biebs in the coming week.

The singer revealed to Billboard that he'll be compiling the 10 previously released songs with five new songs for Journals, a quasi-new album set for release on iTunes on December 16.

The new songs will feature guest spots by Lil Wayne and Big Sean and a song produced by Diplo. But there's a catch: The album will only be available on iTunes until January 2, at which point only the individual tracks will be available to purchase.

Those who have been buying each Music Monday track as it comes out will have the option to "complete my journal," a function similar to "complete my album" that allows fans to buy only the tracks they don't have for a cheaper price than the planned $13.99.

Billboard also reports that Bieber will release a video for "Confident" in early 2014 and will work on his next album, set for release in the fourth quarter of next year.