December 20, 2016


Not-So-Silent Night: 14 Punk Rock Christmas Classics


Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. And that means sugary Christmas music is taking over every department store, elevator, TV commercial and ringtone known to mankind for weeks on end.

Fortunately, you're not the first to feel the pain brought on by an inundation of easy-listening holiday tunes. Since 1977, punk bands have been coughing up snotty covers of Christmas standards and delivering ferocious originals as an antidote to the dullness of most Xmas tunes. So from Fall Out Boy's A Christmas Story-referencing "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" to the Vandals' "Oi to the World" to Fear's bluntly titled "F-ck Christmas," here are Fuse's 13 Punk Rock Christmas Classics.

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