November 1, 2013


Jay Z Fragrance Quiz: Can You Sniff Out Fake Descriptions of 'Gold'?

Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Black Friday 2013 will see the release of "Gold," Jay Z's new fragrance retailing between $39 and $70. Like most perfumes, Gold comes with a lengthy list of natural fragrances that the concoction is supposed to evoke—all of which sound like bourgeois nonsense, more or less.

Below, we've listed eight of the scents used to describe Gold in the product's press release and paired each one with a fake descriptor. Can you sniff out the phony scents from the real fragrances used in Jay Z's perfume?

#1Which one is NOT an official description of Jay Z's fragrance?
Sicilian Bergamot
Base notes of Cedar
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