October 10, 2014


A Very Miley Cyrus Halloween: 7 Ways to Dress Like the 'Bangerz' Star

#1Twerk or Treat

Miley Cyrus' striptease/performance/world's longest tongue contest at last year's MTV VMAs was not only the standout moment of the show, but it might also be the standout pop music moment of last year... we're still talking about the set! It's no wonder that Miley was one of 2013's most popular Halloween costumes. Don't fret—you're not late to the party! Her Bangerz tour has kept her outfits top of mind and her looks are so iconic, we're sure there will be plenty Cyrus this year as well.

In case you don't want to wear a foam finger all night (it's probably pretty hard to hold a drink with one of those), here's a handy guide for how to be seven different versions of Miley this October 31, ranging in various degrees of undress. But if you do want to wear a foam finger all night, don't worry, VMA Miley is in there, too. You'll have to learn the twerking on your own, though.

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