October 18, 2013


James Murphy on Arcade Fire's Dance Influence: "They Came to Me"

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for CBGB
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for CBGB

It's time to add a little more info to our Complete Guide to Arcade Fire's Reflektor post. The indie collective's producer, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy, spoke to Consequence of Sound about the band's new, dancier sound and admits he's not sure where exactly the influence came from.

"They came to me," said Murphy. "I mean, whether it’s my influence or not is something you'd have to ask them, but they came to me with them. That was in the songs, like 'Reflektor' being heard the most. The structure of that song and its danciness was there before I ever got there."

While Murphy may be flexing some humility, he admitted his role was more helper monkey than sonic architect. "It’s just that’s what they want to do," said Murphy. "My job was kind of like to just help in whatever way possible, even if that means making coffee."

James Murphy: Coffee maker extraordinaire.