September 20, 2013


Crüe Love: The Emotional Range of Motley Crue's Reddit AMA

Steve Granitz/WireImage
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Reddit AMAs, in which celebrities answer fans' questions on the popular site, have become the new interview, allowing musicians to bypass guys like me (#sadface) to interact directly with fans. Sometimes they can be disasters, but with a band like Motley Crue, censorship and flack aren't exactly issues.

To promote their second residency at Las Vegas' The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the band answered a few questions—"Tell me about Razzle" notwithstanding—and showed off a versatile emotional range. To wit:


How much did you like your first show of this residency so far? Is tonite going to be even better?!
Nikki -- I had a f-cking blast at the first show!


What is your opinion on the sexualization/objectification of women in modern society?
Please refer to the lyrics on "10 Seconds to Love."


What was the gnarliest thing you've seen a girl do?
Tommy: Be quiet.
Mick: The 14-inch bratwurst I saw a girl swallow without breaking it.


If you were to secretly perform as a Motley Crüe cover band, what would your name be?
Motley Crue Jr.


What's the most memorable fan you have ever encountered?
One of the in-stores we did...there was a group of girls that were so smart, they figured out how to take the distributor cap off of our van so that we couldn't go anywhere. They wanted some time, they got it.


I just wanted to say thank you from 14-year-old me for the video for "Girls, Girls, Girls." I must have killed hundreds of millions of hand babies while watching that video. I would sit, sweatpants at my ankles, lotion at my side, MuchMusic on the TV. Maybe if I was lucky I'd get a glimpse of Erica Ehm. But if I was REALLY lucky, that video came on. It was like winning the pubescent lottery. That would be the highlight of my week. With good reason. Thank you. Thank you so very much. You shaped my formative years in a very real way. Thank you.
Hope you used some lotion buddy...should've been making a baby batter cake.


Would you mind if I started an all Jewish Mötley Crüe cover band called Mötley Jëw?
Mick: On Family Guy, they had the Jew Man Group, why not!


First off, I love you guys! Please never stop rocking! I just wanted to ask where does the inspirations for new songs come from and how does that differ from earlier work?
It comes from life...whatever we're going through and whatever's happening and what has happened.


What's your favorite city to play in and why? What's your least favorite city to play in and why?
That's probably the hardest question we ever get because each city has it's own personality. As for our least favorite, we haven't played it yet.


What is your craziest story?


How do we know this is actually the band answering questions and not your PR guys?
F-ck you! Go f-ck yourself!


How has the Los Angeles nightlife scene and music scene changed from the 80's till now?
There's nothing left.


Congrats on the second residency @The Joint!! Will be in Vegas in October to get a piece done at Vince Neil Ink. Are there any tattoos that you got while out on the road that you absolutely hate?
Mick: Ahhh...there's my regret. I have a tramp stamp.


Are you guys ticklish? If so where?
I don't feel anything anymore.