September 8, 2013


Eminem's Bizzaro ESPN Interview

Eminem was the featured halftime guest during last night's Michigan-Notre Dame football game and he, well, was acting a little berserk.

The first act of the Marshall Mathers awkward hour consisted of Em—eye's protruding from his skull—scanning the room back and forth as announcer's Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger rattled on.

(See amazeballs Vine below.)

Musburger benevolently broke the ice by asking Slim Shady about the process of shooting his new vid. Em acted startled, asked for the question again and explained:

"Yeah, sorry, live TV freaks me out a bit"

He managed a fairly standard answer (it takes a few days, but it's worth it) and Herbstreit, seemingly uncomfortable with the level of extreme awkward, suggested they cut to commercial.

In case you were thinking the commercial break would give the "Lose Yourself" rapper time to recoup and launch into a normal-ish interview, think again! 

Act II was somehow weirder.

Eminem has a new album coming out, MMLP2, a sequel to 2000's earth-shattering hit, Marshall Mathers LP. 

The album drops November 5. And the new LP—and the upcoming vid for single "Berzerk"—were ostensibly why the Detroit native was doing the interview in the first place.

Thus, it wouldn't be a stretch to think that Slim Shady wanted to talk about Slim Shady.

But his response to being asked what he was most excited about for the new album? This:

"Um, nothing."

"Well, it will be out November 5th, I will probably be most excited just to be done with it."

After some banter about the Detroit Lions, Musburger ended the segment by listing Eminem's many accolades, to which he responded:

"Yeah, I'm really uncomfortable right now."

So are we, Em. So are we...