September 29, 2013


Arcade Fire's Trippy Post 'SNL' Special Features New Songs, Famous Faces

Arcade Fire/Twitter
Arcade Fire/Twitter

We knew that Arcade Fire was set to air a 30-minute concert special on NBC after their Saturday Night Live performance, but not even this bizzarro trailer properly prepared us for the insanity that would ensue.

The piece starts out with the band dancing through the streets with masks and jumps moments later into the deep end of crazy's subconscious.

In the film, the band debut three new songs at what could potentially be Atlantic City's oldest casino as seen through the eyes of a six-year-old audiophile on an acid trip.

First we get "Here Comes the Night Time," a catchy tune with a calypso beat and Pixies-esque vocals.

Next, there's "We Exist." It's delectably danceable disco number with sweeping strings.

It's here that the audience goes into a synchronized dance, so, maybe the new indie-Macarena is heading our way? Here's hoping!

Lastly, there's the banging piano, proper rock number, "Normal Person."

Helping to make you question your current reality even more are endlessly odd cameos by Bono, Rainn Wilson, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, Bill Hader, and Zach Galifianakis.

So, have fun, but be sure you had a proper night's sleep yesterday and have some anti-nausea medication on hand before you click!