September 18, 2013


Arcade Fire Talk Nabbing David Bowie for "Reflektor" Vocals

Anton Corbijn
Anton Corbijn

Arcade Fire and David Bowie have hit the stage before to duet on songs from their respective catalogs, but we now know the Canadian indie outfit's fourth album, Reflektor, features their first in-studio collaboration with the rock icon. And whether you realized it or not, you've already heard it.

Yep, rock's greatest chameleon lends backup vocals to the band's warped disco tune "Reflektor," although we're still straining our ears to hear exactly where he pops up on the song (David Byrne's backup vocals on The Suburbs' bonus track "Speaking In Tongues" were far more noticeable).

In an interview with NME, AF's multi-instrumentalist Richard Parry explains how they got him to sing on Refkeltor.

"It was just after The Next Day had come out," Parry said. "He basically just came by the studio in New York while we were mixing, just to have a listen to the stuff we were doing. He offered to lend us his services because he really liked the song. In fact, he basically threatened us. He was like, 'If you don't hurry up and mix this song, I might just steal it from you!' So we thought, 'Well why don't we go one better, why don't you sing on our version?' Thankfully he obliged, and we were really happy about that."

Watch the non-interactive video version of "Reflektor" below and try to pick out the Thin White Duke's croon.