August 5, 2013


Street Art Reveals 'Reflektor' As Arcade Fire Album Title…Maybe

Credit: @reflektor on Instagram
Credit: @reflektor on Instagram

Not long after tweeting the release date at a random fan, Arcade Fire have possibly revealed the title of their upcoming fourth album through a street art campaign. 

A diamond with the word "Reflektor" inset has popped up on sidewalks, windows and walls in various cities around the world. That’s hardly confirmation in itself, but a short clip showing someone creating one of the Reflektor logos played before certain sets at Lollapalooza and the Montreal music fest Osheaga over the weekend.

And according to several outlets, two graffiti artists came out after the video screened at Lolla and confirmed this campaign was connected to the Canadian indie rock bond.

Watch the clip below, which is soundtracked by some music that could easily be Arcade Fire. And ask yourself why Win Butler and Katy Perry—whose latest album title was revealed by a semi rolling cross-country—can't just tweet, "Hey, new album is called _____, kthxbye."