August 9, 2013


Deadmau5 Disses Lady Gaga's New Video, Receives Wrath of Fans

Sonia Recchia
Sonia Recchia

Yesterday Lady Gaga released "The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga," which is just a fancy name for video footage of the pop star frolicking butt naked, bird-chirping at the moon and hugging giant crystals at the Marina Abramovic Institute in upstate New York. It's like, so arty. So arty, in fact, it confused the hell out of everyone who watched it, including Toronto DJ/pro caller-outer Deadmau5, who, naturally, vented on Twitter.

"What the actual f-ck? If some idiot howls in the woods and no ones around, does it make a sound? MYTH BUSTED."

The tweet was immediately followed by a blitzkrieg of death threats from Gaga's fans, aptly called the Little Monsters. Their reaction, however, is in direct defiance of Mother Monsters request for peace and acceptance among her oft aggressive fans online. Following the release of the video, which was dissed not just by Deadmau5 but across the entire internet, Gaga penned a letter to her fans...

"Monsters, please encourage one another to be accepting and tolerant on the internet," Gaga writes. "Any monster that is using hateful language and spreading negativity is not standing truly by me. I mean it. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Set an example. Do not defend me this way, focus on the music, thats where my focus is."

Okay then. 

FYI, the Abramovic Method "helps participants to develop skills... through a series of exercises and environments designed to increase awareness of their physical and mental experience in the moment." Heavy. 

Abramovic, often called the "Grandmother of Performance Art," is totally having a moment/pop culture resurgence; Frank Ocean name-checked her in a recent mixtape track, and she just starred in Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" video. The clip posed various art world characters up against Hova while he rapped the Magna Carta Holy Grail single, and the concept was directly lifted from Abramovic's 2010 performance at New York's Museum of Modern Art, where she sat perfectly still and emotionless for 750 hours, as patrons waited through long lines and then attempted to rile her up, some by crying, vomiting, stripping naked or even proposing marriage.