July 31, 2013


System of a Down Promise New Album During L.A. Concert

There's a new update in the continuing System of a Down album drama story and—unlike the last two entries in this tale—this news is something to get tentatively excited about.

At the end of the alt-metal band's Monday night show at the Hollywood Bowl (their sole North American concert in 2013), drummer John Dolmayan ran up to the mic and bellowed, "Next time we come back here, we'll have a new f--king album!" Watch it at 2:29 above.

This revelation follows close of the heels of bassist Shavo Odadjian going on a lengthy, now-deleted Facebook rant which claimed Serj Tankian was holding the band back from recording a new LP. 

Not long after the rest of SOAD distanced themselves from that statement, Tankian himself explained why there hasn't been any new System material since 2005 even though they still perform together. "A new record requires three years. It's not something I can do right now," Tankian told ArtistDirect.

Well, it seems that three-year process is about to begin if we're to believe the drummer's impromptu revelation. Then again, it's always possible System won't play Los Angeles for another decade, meaning a new album is still a distant dream for longtime fans of the innovative metal act.

But they wouldn't play us like that, right? We have our fingers crossed this means a new album is coming by 2014 at the latest.