July 16, 2013


James Murphy on New Arcade Fire Album: "It's Really F-cking Epic!"

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Thanks to LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, October 29th—the day Arcade Fire's new album officially drops—simply cannot arrive soon enough. Guys, only 105 days left!

Murphy helped produce the Montreal band's much-anticipated follow-up to 2010's Grammy-winning The Suburbs, and gave the fall album a rave first review: "It's really f-cking epic," he said of the LP's sound. "Seriously."  

"It sounds like Arcade Fire in the way that only Arcade Fire sound like Arcade Fire, you know?," he added.  

When asked if the yet-to-be-titled album was completely finished, Murphy said, "Well, finished is... thing is, for them, it's not finished until it's in stores. My bit is done. It's not up to me when it's finished. There's a whole complement of people in that band who could have their own bands, or are a successful solo artist. They're all so phenomenally talented and full of ideas so songs keep on coming. The last time I dared think it was finished I came back to the studio three days later to mix and they'd written two new songs for the album! So it was like, uh, 'Let's record these too!' But it sounds awesome. Really."

Frontman Win Butler and multi-instrumentalist Régine Chassagne welcomed their first child back in April, but Murphy says he's yet to meet the kiddo: "I was outta there by the time Régine gave birth so I still haven't met the little rascal," he said. "But Régine is so incredible—she worked up until, like, the very final point she possibly could in the studio before giving birth."

"All of them, they're so committed to making this record," Murphy said.