September 15, 2014


Gucci Mane Sentenced in Army Sergeant Assault Case

UPDATE (9/15): After initially citing that a victim testimony was not enough evidence, Gucci Mane has pleaded guilty to a charge that he assaulted an army sergeant in Atlanta last May. The Associated Press reports that Fulton County District Attorney's spokeswoman has confirmed the rapper has been charged with a three-year sentence that will be served concurrently with a 3-year, 3-month gun charge given in late August.

Original Story (5/13/13): Following his arrest in March for allegedly assaulting a U.S. soldier, Gucci Mane pleaded not guilty to the aggravated assault charge in a Georgia courtroom.

The Atlanta rapper—who is currently out of jail on bail—reportedly hit the soldier over the head with a champagne bottle when he asked for a picture with the MC. But according to Gucci Mane's lawyer, the alleged victim's claim is the only evidence of an incident.

Regardless, the rapper has an extensive history with assault charges that the prosecution will undoubtedly use against him. In addition to several arrests dating back to the mid 2000s, Gucci Mane spent six months in jail for allegedly pushing a woman out of a moving car in 2011. Which, you know, probably won't help his case.