May 29, 2013


Emeli Sande Remixes Kendrick Lamar's "B-tch, Don't Kill My Vibe"

Three months after Kendrick Lamar remixed Emeli Sande's signature track "Next to Me," the British soul singer is adding her voice to the Compton MC's "B-tch, Don't Kill My Vibe."

Given her energetic yet introspective approach to songwriting, Sande is the perfect artist to give the world an R&B-centric remix of the deceptively laid-back hip hop jam. Sande sings an impassioned intro to the track that slams the fame-hungry parasites who converge upon a newly-famous artist such as herself. "Save your breath I'm sick to death of fake congratulations," Sande soulfully sneers. "You don't know how much I had to give to finally come alive, so b-tch, don't kill my vibe."

Throughout the rest of the track Sande reappears to gently duet with Lamar on the chorus. At the very least, listen to her spitfire intro to the track above. And whatever you do, do NOT kill her vibe. We're not sure what would happen, but we don't think it would be good.