December 3, 2012


Arcade Fire Debut New Songs at Super Secret Montreal Show

Aaron Harris
Aaron Harris

We're probably a year away from a new Arcade Fire album, but fans got a sneak peak of some new music from the band at an unannounced secret show in Montreal over the weekend. Playing Montreal's Breakglass Studio under the name Les Identiks, the band performed at least two new songs.

According to ArcadeFireTube, the tunes are "generally described as fun, dance-y and groovy" and "rooted in the mid-19th century and the African American history in the US." Another song was said to be "punk rock-ish."

The top secret show banned video, photographs and phones. As one unfortunate fan learned the hard way, the band wasn't messing around.

Haha! One guy's phone got thrown against a wall for trying to take a photo last night. #ArcadeFire #LesIdentiks
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Not only does that serve as an excellent warning to would-be Canadian bootleggers, the warning also worked; as of this writing, no recordings of the show had leaked online.