November 30, 2012


Johnny Depp Joins Alice Cooper Onstage to Shred "School's Out"

Johnny Depp joined Alice Cooper onstage Thursday night in Los Angeles to shred guitar on "School's Out," one of the hard rock god's signature songs. But the sweetness didn't stop there: Cooper segued his 1972 hit into Pink Floyd's thematically similar "Another Brick In the Wall (Part 2)" while Captain Jack's axe wailed away. Watch the video above to enjoy watching Depp do something that isn't directed by Tim Burton or produced by Disney.

But keep in mind Depp is no stranger to wielding a gee-tar with A-list musical talent. The 49-year-old actor recently took the stage with Ke$ha and the Black Keys' Patrick Carney at Petty Fest to play Tom's "Mary Jane's Last Dance." And earlier this year, he starred in a Paul McCartney video, sang backup on Aerosmith's new album and tore through a Carly Simon tune with Marilyn Manson. Maybe it was that stint with the Antichrist Superstar that inspired Depp to seek Cooper, the Godfather of Shock Rock who inspired Manson's whole schtick.

But ultimately, why opine how it happened? The important thing is that it did happen, and years from now we can tell our grandchildren, "Back in 2012, I watched Johnny Depp take the stage with Alice Cooper… on YouTube."