November 29, 2012


Joe Budden Would "Kick That Hoe Out" of His Show Again

Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

5. Talib Kweli has a point about this whole Ryan Leslie business

Whoever approved this R Les "rap weasel" Post cover should lose their job. 1, rap weasel? 2, this is what passes for headline news?
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4. Is this a quote from the Book of Revelation or something?

Fightin 4 happiness is like wrestling a gorilla > Dont stop fightin when you get tired. stop when the gorilla gets tired
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3. If I were a lady, I'd go gay for her. 

Was just going thru my @ replies & I didn't realize how many Gay4Miley user names there are! Haha! ❤❤❤❤
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2. A reminder that he's been cooler than us for at least 20 years. 

'92 memory: jammed Rockin in the Freeworld w/Pearl Jam @ Lolla. Did a stage dive & nobody caught me.They were all lookin @ Ed. Broke my ass.
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1. Joe Budden has second thoughts about kicking that woman out of his concert for calling it "dead." Unfortunately for her, they're just the same as the first thought.

I wish I could rewind life so I could kick that hoe out again lol
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