October 17, 2012


Young Dreams Release the Best Indie-Pop Song You'll Hear All Month

You may not know the name Young Dreams now, but get familiar with the Norwegian collective ASAP. Led by multi-instrumentalist Matiaz Tellez, the group fuses tropicália, psychedelic rock, classical, symphonic arrangements and traditional pop recalling the classic sounds of Brian Wilson and Phil Spector.

Last year, "Flight 376" and "Expectations" from the group's SoundCloud page were on constant repeat. Now, the group has signed to Modular, home of the Avalanches and Tame Impala, and just released their latest track "Fog of War."

Like U.S. counterparts Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, the group both respects and upends conventional definitions of pop music. As tribal drums give way to sweeping synths and orchestral strings, "Fog of War" is the most cogent example yet of the band's unique sound. Take a listen above.