October 9, 2012


Billie Joe Armstrong on 'The Voice': Problems? What Problems?

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

Anyone who tuned in to see Billie Joe ArmstrongGreen Day's very busy frontman who recently recorded a trilogy of albumsfreaked out onstagewent to rehab and canceled on Voodoo Music Experience, help mentor contestants under the Lotus petals of Christina Aguilera on The Voice last night probably felt a bit had. 

During his segment on The Voice—taped this summer before his iHeartRadio Fest meltdown—Armstrong uttered three sentences over the course of the two-hour episode and didn't seem terribly invested in the proceedings.

To be fair, Aguilera asked him to give his take on two R&B singers' performances—and really, what's a punk frontman who cites Johnny Rotten and Bob Dylan as examples of vocal excellence going to offer them?

"I think this could be the best performance of the whole show," and "you've got a great voice" are the highlight quotes from Armstrong on The Voice, which is another way of saying you didn't miss anything if you were only watching the show as a Green Day fan.

For Mariah Carey fans, however, the two singers tackling "Vision of Love" at the end was a show-stopping delight. Literally—the show ended right after that.