July 25, 2012


Rick Ross Drops "Diced Pineapples," "Sixteen"

When was the last time you heard a rap song with a title based on a dietary recommendation from a doctor? Never? Well, that dry spell is about to end for you! Above, you can listen to Rick Ross' "Diced Pineapples," featuring Wale and Drake. According to MTV News, the song was titled that because, as Ross says, "When I got out of the hospital — you know, I had a seizure last year — when I was leaving, the doctor told me, 'You gotta eat some more fruit, drink you some water, eat fruit and just relax for a little while.' My fruit of choice was pineapples."

And below, you can listen to the eight-minute "Sixteen" by Rick Ross and Andre 3000, if you're in the mood to be reminded that whenever Andre 3000 touches a beat, he burns it up. And he raps on this for such a long time, it's like getting four Andre 3000 features in one.

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