July 5, 2012


Kenny Rogers: I Almost Needed My Ear Amputated

When Fuse caught up with Kenny Rogers at Bonnaroo 2012, we asked the country-pop legend to share some tour stories from his almost 60 years on the road. We found out that back when he was still touring as a jazz musician as part of the Bobby Doyle Trio, he almost had to have his ears amputated thanks to a brutally cold Canadian winter.

"We were in a [Canadian city] that was 50 degrees below zero. Now I'm from Texas and I'm walking around with no ear pads on and my ears started hurting. I go back to the hotel and the guy says, 'If you stayed out there another minute you would have had to have your ears amputated.' You learn on these tours: Adapt to where you're going," Rogers tells us, laughing.

To hear Rogers talk about learning photography from Ansel Adam's assistant John Sexton, watch the full video above. And check out our other interview with Rogers at Bonnaroo, where he gives us his fluid definition of country music and explains why he felt out of his "comfort zone" at the Tennessee music fest.